Pyrite Ammonite Fossil Earrings

Pyrite Ammonite Fossil Earrings

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Lovely Pyrite Ammonite Fossil Earrings! These unique little fossils have been set with copper.  The earwires are long, drop-style, hammered copper.  Beautful fossil earrings!


Pyrite Ammonites - Pyrite naturally replaces the animal shell.  An odd occurance, which only occurs in an oxygen free environment.  (Calcite replaces the animal shell in most of the other ammonites.)  Pyrite ammonites are species Kosmoceras. These pyritized ammonite fossils are only found in Russia, in an area along the Volga River.  Estimated age 165 - 175 million years old.


Origin: Volga River, Russia

Earring measurements: each approx. 50mm x 11mm x 3mm  length includes earhoop (25.4mm = 1 inch)

We proudly use reclaimed metals in our jewelry.  The wire we use is reclaimed and manufactured in the USA.

Metaphysical: (Ammonites) transmute negative energy. Ammonites provide stability and structure as well as protection for the user. Fossils represent time, eternity, and evolution. They also tends to encourage and supplement ones survival instincts. (Pyrite) is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help you tap your own latent mental talents and abilities. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding. Pyrite additionally is a stone that brings energies of good luck or good fortune

All made with love and appreciation!

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