Quartz Scepter Crystal Pendant

Quartz Scepter Crystal Pendant

SKU: 2096-P

Outstanding Quartz Scepter Crystal Pendant! This fenster type quartz crystal is a double-terminated scepter with a nice triangle clay inclusion. Great clarity and incredible luster. It has been set in 14K20 Gold.  An eye catching pendant!


Origin: Namibia

Pendant measurements: approx. 44mm x 15mm x 11mm  (25.4mm = 1 inch)

We proudly use reclaimed metals in our jewelry.  The wire we use is reclaimed and manufactured in the USA.


14K/20 Gold (aka 'gold-filled') is 20% solid by weight and will not wear off like plated-gold.

Metaphysical:  Fenster Quartz (aka Window Quartz) The energy of Fenster Quartz is thought to be quite complex and high in vibration, reaching to the spiritual plane, and stimulating the third eye and crown chakras. They're said to assist with evolution of the spirit. Fenster Quartz is also said to help you shed old emotional attachments allowing you to move forward on your spiritual path. Restores energy flow and creates balance on all levels.

All made with love and appreciation!

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