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Seymchan Meteorite Slice Pendant

Seymchan Meteorite Slice Pendant

SKU: 2123-P

Fabulous Seymchan Meteorite Slice Pendant! This incredible slice of space rock is sure to delight. Set magnificently in Argentium Silver (.935). This pendant is sure to wow!


Origin: Seymchan District, Russia

Meteorite slice weight: 18.8 grams



Type: Stony-iron

Structural classification: Coarse octahedrite

Class: Pallasite

Group: Main Group

PallasiteComposition: 9.15% Ni, 24.6 ppm Ga, 68.3 ppm Ge, 0.55 ppm Ir.

Country: Russia

Region: Magadan Oblast

Coordinates: 62°54′N 152°26′

Observed fall: No

Found date: June 1967

Total known weight (TKW): about 380 kg


The Seymchan meteorite as originally found in 1967 near the to the town of it's namesake Seymchan in far east Russia. It was originally classified as a coarse octahedrite with a bandwidth of 2.0mm, Iron IIE. Iron meteorites are composed of primarily iron and nickel alloys and are believed to be derived from planetary cores that were broken apart billions of years ago. Seymchan is a stable pallasite.

Discovered: Seymchan, Magadan District, Russia

Date of Find: 1967 & 2004. It was found in the dry bed of river Hekandue, a left tributary of river Jasačnaja in the Magadan district, Russia, near the settlement of Seymchan. The main mass of 272.3 kilograms (600 lb) was found in June 1967 by the geologist F. A. Mednikov during a survey. The mass was a triangular shaped thumbprinted meteorite lying among the stones of the brook bed. A second specimen of 51 kilograms (110 lb) was found in October 1967 at a distance of 20 m from the first one by I. H. Markov with a mine detector 1967. The main mass was turned in to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. During a new expedition in 2004, Dmitri Kachalin recovered about 50 kilograms (110 lb) of new material. Remarkably, many of the new specimens (about 20%) [2] were found to contain olivine crystals and so revealed the silicated nature of the meteorite. The pallasitic structure was not discovered previously during studies on small metal-only sections of the original mass.

Pendant measurements: approx. 47mm x 23mm x 3mm  (25.4mm = 1 inch)

We proudly use reclaimed metals in our jewelry.  The wire we use is reclaimed and manufactured in the USA.

Argentium Silver is made with a touch of germanium. It presents a bright white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling and is extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions. With 93.5% pure silver, Argentium meets the legal standard to be quality-marked as sterling silver. All Argentium is made from reclaimed silver and its sources are guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd.

Metaphysical: Meteorite aids inter-dimensional travel, prosperity, emotional stability. Encourages reconciliation with being in the earth realm, and able to ground thought into action.

All made with love and appreciation!

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