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Thanks Love Art specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind, earth-inspired, fine jewelry. Jason's life long passion for minerals has inspired jewelry designs and a showcase of rocks and gemstones. He has collected rocks since he was a small child and has an extensive knowledge of minerals. In 2009, his wife Jamie gifted him a set of pliers & copper wire and Thanks Love Art was born! Jason is happy to talk about rocks all day, everyday!


Both Jason and his wife Jamie hand craft the jewelry out of silver, gold and copper recycled metals. They love to go rock hounding! The minerals are gathered mostly through contacts from all over the world.

Viewing Mother Nature as the ultimate artist, they find great inspiration and joy in framing and accentuating her fine work. With this passion, artistic, wearable wonders of nature is formed. They use many types of crystals, minerals, meteorites, and fossils. Boulder Opals are one of their favorite minerals to work with!

The connection to water within Opals is very powerful. The flashy colors and deep, intricate patterns within Boulder Opals are amazing examples of the stunning creations put forth by our wondrous Mother Earth. Boulders Opals viewed through a microscope often look very similar to distant stars and nebulae as viewed through a telescope. The fact that water has been discovered floating in deep-space makes the correlation even more intriguing.

Taking photographs of gems and minerals through a microscope is one of Thanks Love Art's specialties. They can printed in various formats.. A gallery wrap canvas print is something special for the house or office to wear.

Custom wraps of your favorite personal item is available upon request!

The name Thanks Love Art was inspired by the water crystals photographed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Love and appreciation produces the most beautiful water crystals!

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